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We Have a Well-defined Plan

We know how to strategize and execute to align your investment goals.


We Are Integrated Experts

We provide access to a wealth of resources, collective insight and opportunities.


We have a Disciplined Approach

We have a meticulous, proven process that utilizes creativity, energy and the specialized experience required to drive value.


Skilled Negotiation

Our success is tied to yours. We are committed to exceeding your expectations, and we will not leave money on the table.

Do you have a building that needs a Tenant?

Our comprehensive Marketing Strategy will place your property at the forefront of occupiers, real estate brokage firms and development agencies throughout the region and country. Our marketing program will maximize the exposure of the building, ensuring all potential prospects are aware of the property’s availability to secure your new tenant.

Promote Market Awareness

Communication and Accessibility

Marketing Campaign

Leverage Multiple Distribution Channels to Increase Market Awareness

Transactional Guidance and Solutions

Deal Negotiation Expertise

Are you searching for your next office or facility?

Let the Clackson Team at CBRE provide you with a 360-degree view of each real estate option and decision.  We help you weigh trade-offs based on a set of intelligence around real estate, labor, incentives, transportation and location criteria.  Our comprehensive financial modeling ensures you find the optimal location at the lowest operating cost and best operating conditions for your business need.

Integrated Occupier Solutions